Binder Recycling Scheme

Join us in giving the gift of gender euphoria and re-home your binder!




What is the Binder Recycling Scheme?

We are now accepting new and used binders from our customers.We are regularly contacted by organisations looking for donations of binders. Due to the amount of requests we get asking for binder donations from ourselves we are unable to donate these directly. As we know our customers also often look for a new home for their binder when they buy a new one, we have set up a binder recycling scheme. This means our customers can choose an organisation they know are in need of binder donations and will make this process simple for them. 


 How do I get involved?

If you are a charity or organisation looking for used binders and would like to be featured on our site please send an email to with some information about the aims of your organisation.

If you are a customer who is looking to be part of our binder recycling scheme, please return your binder to us at:

Spectrum Offices, Cottage Farm, Church Lane, Old Milverton, Leamington Spa. CV32 6SA.

Please also include a note of the organisation you would like to donate to and we will send this directly to them for you. You can see a full list below.

 If you are looking for a binder yourself and are not in the position where you can buy one, these organisations may be able to help!





Mermaids is one of the UK's leading charities for young transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse children and their families. They offer information and guidance as well as web-chat support for under 25's. To read more about their organisation you can visit their website by clicking here.





Akt supports lgbtq+ young people aged 16-25 in the uk who are facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment. They support young people into safe homes and employment, education or training, in a welcoming and open environment that celebrates lgbtq+ identities. You can visit their website by clicking here.



Trans Masculine Support & Advice UK (TMSA-UK) is a UK based non-profit community organisation offering support for all those who identify as Trans Masculine, Non-Binary and Gender Variant AFAB people. It is run via a social media platform by a committee of volunteers since their beginning in November 2011. They facilitate and provide peer support and advice to members around all aspects of transition or those who are questioning. They are committed to and strive to provide a welcoming, safe and non-judgemental platform for individuals to ask for and share help. 


Micro Rainbow





Micro Rainbow’s vision is to create a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, gay, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) people are safe, free from discrimination, persecution and have equal opportunities in life, including in accessing employment, training, financial services and housing.

To do this they provide safe housing, social inclusion, and moving on support to LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees across the UK.

They host social groups, organise artistic events, and facilitate access to employment, volunteering, training and education for LGBTQI refugees. They also research and better understand the specific issues faced by our community and make recommendations that improve their lives.

You can visit their website here.


Trans Care Project


Trans Care Project creates affordable care packages for trans and gender non-conforming people. They aim to be affordable and inclusive, and give free care packages to those who are in financial hardship. Within their care packages, there is a number of items including stickers, toiletries, etc and they also provide a hand written note include the buyers preferred name and pronouns. All of the boxes come in discreet packaging. They have also donated boxes to LGBT+ homeless organisations and aim to continue doing this in the future. They are completely self funded and nonprofit, just two queers trying to make a difference! 

You can visit their site here.


The Out House

The out House is a registered charity, providing opportunities for LGBTQ+ people in Essex. Their mission is to develop and promote a sustainable, fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people can achieve their full potential.

Through their vast programme of services, including counselling, social events and support groups, they are committed to helping all members of our wonderful LGBTQ+ community. 

You can visit their website here. 



SAYit are Sheffield’s LGBTQ+ support charity.  They work with young people aged 11-25. They provide practical support for LGBTQ+ young people, run youth groups, host a parent and carer group and their training provision helps other organisations improve knowledge and address discrimination.

You can visit their website here.


Abingdon Queer Action 


Abingdon Queer Action are a local queer and trans community group, led by queer and trans youth, working to provide care, support and solidarity across Oxfordshire. Previously, they have founded and ran Abingdon's annual Pride Picnic; facilitated queer youth accessing self-defence; held vigils; and organised regular socials both online and in person. They plan to run gender euphoria clothes swaps to enable more people to have free access to gender-affirming clothing, including binders, as they continue to support queer and trans lives in Oxfordshire. You can view their instagram here.



TransBarnsley run support groups for transgender and non-binary people aged 16+ and their families. Our aim is to  prevent suicide and suicide ideation and increase the quality of life for trans and non-binary people in Barnsley. We provide social, practical and emotional support in a safe space for the community.  You can view their website  here.