Binding FAQ

Please consult our size guide carefully

Important: If your rib measurement and your chest measurement fall into different sizes, you should pay most attention to your rib measurement. This is because your ribs need room to expand so you can breathe and be active and safe in your binder. If you are two or more sizes apart you can choose a size in the middle as long as you have considered that your ribs will have enough room. We are updating our size guide to better advise people between sizes

Please note we are working on an improved size guide that advises customers who have measurements across multiple sizes

Boxer Shorts Size Guide

Please note: This garment is designed to stretch. The measurements were taken when the garment was lying flat on a table, which is why we have included equivalent women's sizes.

We used standard sizing for this small initial batch. Since the response has been so positive we will be able to increase our range to include more sizes.
Measure yourself over the largest part and just underneath your chest around your ribs, make sure to keep the tape measure straight so that you get an accurate measurement

Never use your size from another brand! Our sizing is different and fairly generous.

You will need to use a tape measure to measure all the way around your body in two places, your chest measurement and your rib measurement.

Your chest measurement should be taken from the fullest part of your chest, usually where your nipples are. Your rib measurement should be taken directly underneath your chest tissue, where a bra under band would sit.

The tape measure does not need to be pulled really tight, but it does need to be taught and lying flat. For best results measure without clothes on.


Do not use men’s or women’s clothing size when determining which size binder to buy. Chest binders have specific requirements and therefore must be fitted correctly.

If you have ordered the wrong size, we would like for you to be able to return it. We can only accept items without signs of wear. Please follow these steps to ensure you don't accidentally mark your binder. 

Make sure you’re wearing a t-shirt and that your skin/hands are clean. If you have just had a bath/shower wait to cool down and dry properly first or it will make it more difficult.


When you first try on your binder the fabric will feel stiff, and it might be a little tricky to put on.

If you’re having trouble getting into your chest binder, please follow these steps:

1. Put one arm in and pull the binder firmly into your armpit and over your shoulder.

2. Then put your head in, it may be a tight squeeze.

3.Put your other arm through, it helps to point forcefully straight up towards

the ceiling.

4. Then pull/roll the binder down carefully at the front and back as it may be

bunched up.


Carefully pull the binder up from the bottom a bit at a time at the front and

back, until you can get it over the widest part of your shoulders, then you

should be able to get one arm out and then over your head.


How does it feel?

Spectrum chest binders don’t feel as tight as other chest binders. It was important for us to make something much more comfortable and wearable.

For some customers who have used other brands, the design of our binders might feel a bit too big as they aren’t used to the feeling of extra room, and they may think they need a smaller size. 

We advise any customers wondering if they need a smaller size, to look in a mirror from the side and actually see how flat they are. It helps to wear your normal clothes (t-shirt etc) over the top to see how your silhouette will look. Is it the same flatness or greater than you would see with another binder? 

If your breathing is affected when you put on your binder you definitely need a larger size. Please visit our returns page for details on how to exchange your binder. 


My binder sticks out at the front at the top what should I do?

If your binder seems to be sticking out at the front at the top you can pull it down at the back and adjust your soft chest tissue with your hands, down and towards the sides of your body. This will help it to sit flatter.

How often do I need to change my binder?

Your ribs can continue to grow until you are 25. This means your size can fluctuate so please make sure to measure yourself regularly, every couple of months (or every month if you are growing/dieting/taking hormones) and size up (or down) when needed to ensure you have a binder that fits you correctly at all times.