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Checking the fit of your Chest binder

If you have ordered the wrong size we would like for you to be able to return it. We can only accept items without signs of wear. Please follow these steps to ensure you don't accidentally mark your binder. 

checking the fit of your chest binder

Spectrum binders have a looser feel than other binders. It was important for us to make something much more comfortable and wearable.

For some customers who are used to other brands, the design of our binders might feel a bit too comfortable and they may think they need a smaller size. 

We advise any customers wondering if they need a smaller size, to look in a mirror and actually see how flat they are. Is it the same flatness as you would see with another brand? 

If your breathing is affected when you put on your binder you definitely need a larger size. Please visit our returns page for details on how to exchange your binder.