We have put together some answers to questions we are often asked, to help you quickly and easily


How should I wash my binder?

Please wash your binder at a lower temperature, 40 degrees (Centigrade) or lower and never tumble dry as the heat can cause the binders to stretch out over time!

If your binder feels stiff (front panel) we suggest using a fabric softener which may make you more comfortable :)

What should I do if my measurements are in different size bands?

If your rib measurement is in a larger size than your chest, please choose that size as your ribs are the most important as they need to be able to expand comfortably. If your chest is much larger than your ribs and you can't decide on your size please get in touch and we will advise you

How do I put on/take off my binder?

The easiest way to put on our binders is to put one arm and shoulder through first, then pull it over your head. Then you will be able to put your other arm in and roll the binder down over your chest. You may have to arrange your chest underneath the binder if it is uncomfortable or if you have a large chest. 

To take the binder off, lift it from the bottom up over your head. Please never try to put on a wet binder as it is much more difficult and could damage your skin or cause you to get stuck!

How tight should my binder feel?

Our binders are designed to feel less tight than other brands. If you feel your binder is too loose, take a photo from the side with a shirt over the binder and check how flat you are. If you are unhappy please get in touch and we will be able to advise you on your size.

What should I do if my binder is faulty?

If your binder arrives with a fault, please email us with a photo of the fault and we will send a replacement immediately, free of charge

How do I return my item?

If you need to return your item please email us at info@spectrumoutfitters.co.uk for further instructions. We just need to know which returned items to expect!

Are the binders discreetly packaged?

All our binders are sent completely discreetly with no company information on the outside of the packaging, just your chosen shipping name and address

Can you swim in the binders?

Our binders are made from a material that is designed for swimming in both the sea and the pool, so they won't degrade in the water. We don't recommend strenuous exercise as the garment could prevent your ribs expanding to their fullest capacity. Some people wear a larger size to exercise

Will you be making long binders?

We are currently in the research and development stage with our long binders, we hope they will be available to buy around Christmas 2019

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Most UK orders will take less than 3 days to arrive, International orders can take longer depending on the postal service of your country. We are introducing tracked and expedited shipping options which may be better if you are worried about your item arriving, or if you need it for a specific date eg. as a birthday gift