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Brand Ambassadors

We are always on the look out for brand ambassadors to show off their quirky style. If you think you can take cool pics in one of our binders to help us promote our brand on social media you could be eligible for FREE BINDERS. 
Due to a number of incidents with previous ambassadors and influencers who have requested free binders in exchange for posts/videos before disappearing without posting anything, we have had to change our brand ambassador requirements. 
New Brand Ambassador Requirements
  1. You will need to send us a IG dm or an email to jess@spectrumoutfitters.co.uk with a couple of pictures showing how you would show off one of our binders as an ambassador. If you don’t have a binder for these pictures you can use a vest top or sports bra. Your style and photo taking skills are the most important things here. 
  2. If you’re selected we will contact you with a suggested cooperation. Depending on your number of followers this could be a discount code or an agreement that you will take X number of photos in exchange for a binder. 
  3. If you accept the terms of our cooperation, you will buy your own binder. 
  4. We refund you the cost of your binder once we have received the previously agreed photos or discount code uses. 
  5. You can request a new cooperation and following the same process you can have as many free binders as you like. 


We are sad that it has come to this but we can’t continue to send products out, only for them to be effectively stolen. 
Extra details 
  • You cannot be a brand ambassador if you are under the age of 18
  • You don’t need to be an influencer or have loads of followers to be a brand ambassador - photo taking and style are the most important points.