Spectrum Outfitters Size and Measurement Guide

We have updated our sizing for 2019 to help you get the best fit! Please do check it even if you have shopped with us before just to make sure you are wearing the correct size!

You will need to use a tape measure and measure all the way around your body in two places, your chest measurement and your rib measurement. Your chest measurement should be taken from the fullest part of your chest, usually where your nipples are. Your rib measurement should be taken directly underneath your chest tissue, where a bra underband would sit. The tape measure does not need to be pulled really tight, but it does need to be taught and lying flat. For best results measure without clothes on.

For safety reasons please pay closest attention to your rib measurement, for example if your chest measurement is in a smaller size boundary than your ribs, the larger size would be best for you as it gives your ribs more room to expand.

We have created vertical tables to make it easier to view on a phone, please scroll to the bottom to see equivalent "women's" clothing sizes from UK, Europe, USA, and Australia. These are not to be used as a guide, but more of a confirmation of size based on your measurements.

Please see our support and advice page for more information about safe binding!