Why do people wear chest binders?

A chest binder is a compression top that is worn to flatten chest tissue. People of many gender expressions wear binders including cis women. For most people binding is used to create a more "masculine" silhouette. 

Chest binders are non-surgical and minimally invasive. For AFAB (assigned female at birth) people who experience chest dysphoria, binders can provide immediate relief. Some people don’t experience dysphoria but may like the way they look with a binder.  

Throughout history, there have been examples of many different gender expressions. These date as far back as Ancient Egypt. In the 1920s when Flapper style was fashionable, women would wear binder-like corsets to fit the slim straight dresses. 

Today people wear binders to perform as drag kings, to cosplay, to go to school, to fit a suit at a wedding, to work in every industry. We have come a long way with binder technology since the twenties.  

Binding comfort & safety

When we bind the intention is to compress the soft tissue without compressing the ribs. People often make the mistake of thinking that a smaller binder will make them look flatter, when in reality, it ends up making them look the same as a larger binder would, but it can have adverse health effects.  

Your soft tissue will only compress to a certain point, then any compression beyond than that will be putting pressure on your ribs.

Compressing the ribs can cause stress and damage, that’s why it’s crucial that you’re wearing the right size binder. Please read more about how to make sure you're binding safely on our dedicated page.

How to put on my binder

When you first try on your binder the fabric will feel stiff, and it might be a little tricky to put on. Binders are obviously supposed to be tight, so we recommend trying it on with a t-shirt or thin layer underneath incase you would like to return it and don't want to get marks on it from your skin. 

Firstly, put one arm through an arm hole and pull the binder up to your shoulder. 

Then put your head in. 

Then your other arm. 

Then you can pull/roll the binder down over your chest.

If you have a larger chest, you may want to gently move your chest under the binder down and outwards on each side, pushing them towards your underarm. This allows the binder to sit flatter in the middle. 

Our binders don't feel as tight as other brands, so people may think they need a smaller size. Try looking at yourself from the side in a mirror with a t-shirt over the top. It is possible that you are a similar shape as you would have been in a tighter feeling binder and don't need to size down. Enjoy the space!

How do I make a return?

We accept both UK and international returns. If you would like a new size you will have to return your original item and place a new order for your correct size.    

We do not accept returns of our Boxer shorts for Hygiene Safety reasons. 

To return your order, please post it (using any postage method, you will have to pay the postage) back to us at the address below. We recommend keeping proof of postage incase your item is lost. 

You do not need to email us to let us know. 


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We have a returns window of 21 days, after which you will not be able to return your item. 

Please note: As we sell intimate garments we will not be able to accept returns which have any signs of wear, this includes stains or smells. For this reason you may be charged a £5 laundry fee for us to process your return.