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We started this company so that European customers could access safe, comfortable binders, quickly and with no customs charges

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This is my first binder, and I am incredibly impressed! I have a large chest, and was not expecting as amazing a result. The binders are comfortable to wear, and incredibly discrete. I will definitely order again when I can!

Alexander W

It came!!!! Within a day I genuinely cried tears of joy because it’s made my chest so flat. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU @Sp_Outfitters

Lucy on Twitter

Spectrum outfitters have been incredibly helpful and friendly. This is my first binder , I'm very happy and will be ordering more very soon. Will definitely be recommending! Thankyou :)

Jordan F

What we are working on

Website Updates

We will be adding pages to help inform parents about helping their children with binders, Dysphoria help, Fabric information, and much more!

Size Guide Update

We are currently in the process of adjusting our size guide, particularly the larger sizes, to increase accuracy when choosing your binder and also adjusting the fit for larger bodies

Long Binders

We know that our short binders are great for some body types, but that some customers would like longer binders and larger sizes. These are being developed as soon as we have finished updating our sizing structure