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I didnt realise how eco-friendly these binders are and I think thats really awesome, I am definitely going to recommend you to all the people I know


I never thought I would be able to find a binder that flattened my FF chest, but its out of this world!

Binders help people to feel more like themselves

People have bound their chest for thousands of years. Binders minimize the shape of your chest so you can express your gender however you want.

Our binders only compress from the back which gives you more room to breathe

The front of the binder is made from very strong corset fabric which holds your front flat while the elasticated back optimises compression.

We're confident this gives 100% performance with 50% of the pressure on your body so you can be free to be yourself safely.

*Registered UK Design

If its good enough for stella...

The coloured fabric of the binders was used by Stella McCartney for the UK Olympic uniforms.

It is the highest quality sports performance fabric. It can be used as swimwear in the sea or pool and the material is sweat wicking and cooling and is made using recycled plastics, which leads us to our next point...

A blue chest binder hanging on the washing line to dry
Our packaging is plastic free and our binders are made using recycled ocean plastics

We are passionate about our responsibility to help the environment and we reduce plastic waste wherever possible.

We are a climate positive workforce. This means we offset the carbon emissions from our team's personal and professional lives!

The main fabric we use is made from recycled ocean plastics. Since we launched in 2017, we have recycled material equal to 98,000 plastic bottles.

☞ Over 55,000 binders delivered ☞ To 76 Countries/Regions Worldwide

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