Postage FAQ

Please be aware we are a small, family run business. We do not work over the weekend or over bank holidays. Any orders made during these times will be sent out the next working day.  

How do I make a return?

We accept both UK and international returns. If you would like a new size you will have to return your original item and place a new order for your correct size.    

We do not accept returns of our Boxer shorts for Hygiene Safety reasons. 

To return your order, please post it (using any postage method, you will have to pay the postage) back to us at the address below. We recommend keeping proof of postage incase your item is lost. 

You do not need to email us to let us know. 



4 Argosy Court,

Scimitar Way,


United Kingdom,



We have a returns window of 21 days from when you have recieved your order, after which you will not be able to return it. 

Please note: As we sell intimate garments we will not be able to accept returns which have any signs of wear, this includes stains or smells. For this reason you may be charged a £5 laundry fee for us to process your return. 


Who delivers your post?

In the UK, Royal Mail is the postal service we use to deliver all of our orders. We use their system to process all of our postage and at the end of the day they collect from us and begin their process for distributing post.  

When are orders dispatched?

Usually within 24 hours on an average weekday not including national or Bank holidays.

This applies to both Domestic and International orders. Our office opening hours are 9am – 4pm and no orders can be processed or despatched outside of these hours.

If you place your order on Friday afternoon, it will be dispatched the following Monday morning. If you place your order on or before a UK national holiday, it will be dispatched the next working day. 

I need to change my address / items / e-mail address / phone number…


Please let us know as soon as possible at Our orders are usually despatched within 24 hours from ordering so the sooner you can notify us, the more likely it is that we can make a change for you.

Please clearly state information about the order such as name, SP number, or e-mail address used, and what you need the order updated to. For example, if you ordered to the wrong address, please let us know what the correct address should be, and if you ordered the wrong size, please let us know what the correct size should be – we can then do this all quickly and reduces the likelihood of your order being missed. 


My order is marked as delivered but I didn't receive it

We regret this has happened, but please be aware this is an issue that has occurred with the delivery and not something we have any influence over. However, we may be able to arrange a solution for you. We would need you to follow these steps: 


Please first check your Tracking link – in the UK there should be a photo of the proof of delivery (usually of a front door), GPS co-ordinates which you can look up on Google, and a Tracking history. International orders may allow you to view the Tracking information on your country’s postage website by clicking ‘Continue tracking’. 


Please then check any safe places you may have such as a shed, garage, outbuilding…etc.. for somewhere the package may been left, and also enquire with neighbours or household members who may have picked up, or been given, the item by mistake. 


Try contacting the post carrier – this may be the quickest and best solution to solve the problem as they handled the package themselves. Quote your Tracking number and problem and they may be able to help. 


If you have followed all these steps and you still have not found your item, please contact us at and explain you have followed these steps, and please also indicate if the photo evidence in the Tracking appears to show your front door. If you are a UK customer, please try to report this problem as quickly as possible as we may be able to contact the postperson for a more exact report of where the item may have gone. 

Why has my package been returned to sender?

If your package has been “returned to sender”, we will contact you using the customer information we have on our system – if you suspect an item has been returned to us and you have received no e-mail from us, you may need to check an alternative e-mail address you may have or your junk/spam folder.

You may also contact us before the item actually arrives back with us to discuss a solution, which can do via our e-mail Please be aware that we can re-send items out, but in the cases where the address is marked as incorrect, the item was refused, or there was no answer when delivery was attempted, a fee will be necessary to send this out again.

Will anyone be able to see whats in my order?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers’ privacy for both our products and our service, and we endeavour to make these as discreet as possible. This includes showing up as SPJONES on bank statements so if you do see this, please don’t be alarmed!  


We do not have our brand name or logo on our shipping labels or packaging. Your order will come in a plain recycled cardboard package. 


International orders require a customs label with an item description, to ensure your privacy and safety we have simplified these. 

Binder = Vest

Packer = Foam

Boxers = Shorts 

Do I need to sign for my package?

We offer both ‘signed for’ and ‘not signed for’ options where possible however some international orders require the item to be signed for due to country-specific rules. If you choose a ‘no signature’ option, but we have to send it signed for we will notify you by email.  


If you order multiple items, it may be too large to fit in your letterbox, in this case you may need to be at home to receive it. 

I just received an email saying my order wasn't completed but I have an order number

This may be caused by a glitch in our system. If you have received an order confirmation e-mail, complete with an SP number then you can be assured we are processing your order and you can disregard the e-mail about completing your order. If you do not have an order confirmation then your order has not been processed and you may need to try again, however you can e-mail us to ask us to check this at 


I ordered a t-shirt but it wasn't included in my order

Our tees are produced by a third-party company which allows us to offer the products in a more eco-conscious way. These orders are expected to be posted within 7-14 days from ordering and are not handled by us at all, so any other items you have ordered from will probably arrive first. If after 16 days-time your tee has still not arrived, please contact us at and we can look at a solution.

I have an item missing from my order / I received the wrong item

We sincerely regret this happens sometimes. Please contact us as soon as possible at 

Let us know your order number, and what is missing/incorrect.

I live in the UK and ordered 48 hours / 24 hours ago but it does not look like my order was despatched

We are a small, family run business. We do not ask our team to work over the weekend or on national holidays. This means, if you make an order on a Friday afternoon or before a holiday, it will not be dispatched until the next working day.  

Tracked48 and Tracked24 are Royal Mail services and the 48/24 is referring to the delivery time, so once we have dispatched your order, that is how long the delivery will take. 


I'm an international customer and my order hasn't arrived yet

International orders usually arrive within 2 weeks. All customers may check their Tracking to monitor their package’s journey, and this may provide an insight into what stage of processing your order is currently at on its journey to you. Please be aware we ask all International customers, regardless of location, to allow a month for their order to arrive.

I live in the EU and I received a customs fee, can you help with this?

We are currently signed up to a scheme called IOSS which allows us to ensure our customers avoid any unexpected fees or costs at the point of delivery. This covers orders up to the value of €150.

Certain countries have not included themselves in the customs agreement as of yet. These include: Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Mount Athos, the Canary Islands, Faroe Islands, the Aland Islands, Greenland, The Channel islands, Campione d'italia, Lake Lugano, The island of heligoland, the territory of Busingen, Ceuta, Melila, Livigno, Antilles, San-Marino, Gibraltar, Andorra, Vatican City and the French territories of Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, Saint-Barthelemy, Saint-Martin, Mayotte. 

This means any customer ordering from these countries may have to pay VAT and a handling fee. Please bear this in mind before ordering.  

If you have made an order for less than €150 and believe you have been incorrectly charged a customs fee, please contact us by email ( before paying this fee.