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Top 5 Mistakes Trans And Non-Binary People Make When Trying to Build a Physique

Top 5 Mistakes Trans And Non-Binary People Make When Trying to Build a Physique

This is a guest post by Sam Barnes a trans coach and trainer. 

 I started working out at the age of 14. At this point in my life, I wasn’t even out as Transgender and the gym was a seriously daunting place to me, as it is to so many people like me. Which is why I wanted to write this series and take away some of that anxiety.

There are some things you pick up pretty quickly in a gym and other things that take time for you to learn. Here’s my guide...

Building yourself up - trans training tips

Sam Barnes Transgender fitness trainer Introducing Sam Barnes

An online coach and personal trainer from Leicestershire, UK.

Sam's going to be writing a series of blogs that give you the tools to build a more masculine physique. As a trans person, Sam knows what unique challenges face trans people in the gym and knows how to overcome them. 

Sam's Story

The last eight years have been a a rollercoaster for me. I had a tough time throughout high school. I struggled with depression and...

Spectrum Spotlight - Secret Dinosaur Cult

Dinosaur porn and daddy issues are the central themes of this hilarious and quintessentially queer podcast.

Presented by stand-up comedians Sofie Hagen and Jodie Mitchell Secret Dinosaur Cult basically uses dinosaur behaviours to explore the human experience. And they do this from an intersectional feminist, queer/non-binary, fat-positive perspective. It’s fantastic.

The podcasts or ‘cult meetings’ are recorded...