3-in-1 Spectrum Boxers
3-in-1 Spectrum Boxers
3-in-1 Spectrum Boxers
3-in-1 Spectrum Boxers

3-in-1 Spectrum Boxers

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SIZING INFORMATION: These sizes are standard UK Men's sizes


Designed in the UK by a trans man. Our 3-in-1 boxer briefs help you to feel like yourself, any day of the month.

**For added security, these boxers are designed to fit snugly, please bear this in mind when you're selecting your size**

Invisible inner brief

Our unique design features an invisible inner brief so you can wear a sanitary pad discretely and comfortably.

The inner brief is sewn in at the waistband all the way around making it totally secure.
Both layers are made from soft and breathable cotton to ensure your comfort. 

Designed for discretion

The 3-in-1 Spectrum Boxer features removable branding, so you can decide how you’ll wear them.

We’ve sewn the small label on the boxer short leg so it can't be seen while you're dressed. The small label is also easily removable, you can just snip it off. 

Private packer pouch

Keep your packer safe and sound with the concealed front pouch. A packer can be inserted at the top through a flap that’s not visible when you’re wearing the boxer. 

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** Orders shipped outside the UK require customs labels to be added to the outside of our packages.

These customs stickers contain item descriptions, we have tried to maintain your privacy, so these boxers will appear as "Shorts"**