The Reflective Workbook for Partners of Transgender People - D. M. Maynard

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Your Transition as Your Partner Transitions

- D. M. Maynard

Partners of people in transition go through their own transitions and may or may not be conflicted as to whether they will remain in their relationship. This unique self-help workbook was created for and focuses on the partner's perspective and own journey.

By providing the support and structure needed for partners to reflect, this resource helps navigate the unexpected transition that affects both people in the relationship.

Providing an essential tool that is currently missing, this book gives guidance and advice specifically designed for this situation, alongside activities, quizzes, and personal anecdotes.

This book also includes the author's self-exploration-as the partner of someone who began to transition after 17 years of being in their relationship as well as the experiences shared by those who attended her workshops.

This workbook examines the challenges, uncertainties, and possible grieving some partners experience throughout the transition process. With space for responding to reflective questions, exercises and games, this workbook offers partners a safe haven to discover their own wants and needs.